Trusted Fieldwork partner

At Pharmore Research, high quality research is a priority. EphMRA certified in Code of Conduct. BHBIA certified in AE event reporting and Legal & Ethical Guidelines. We abide to the Code of Good Practice for the Pharmaceutical Industry of Farmaindustria. We abide to ISO20252 quality standards. Pharmore Research is also proud to be member of the following organizations:

International affiliations

Miembro EPHMRA

EphMRA - European Pharmaceutical Market Research Association

Website: www.ephmra.org
Email: generalsecretary@ephmra.org



Miembro PBIRG

PBIRG - The Pharmaceutical Business Intelligence & Research Group

Website: www.pbirg.com
Email: pbirg@pbirg.com

Spanish affiliations

Miembro Aedemo

AEDEMO - Asociación Española de Estudios de Mercado, Marketing y Opinión

Website: www.aedemo.es
Email: aedemo@aedemo.es

Further affiliations

Miembro Esomar

ESOMAR - European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research

Website: www.esomar.org 
Email: customerservice@esomar.org

(individual membership)


Miembro PMRG

PMRG - Pharmaceutical Marketing Research Group

Website: www.pmrg.org
Email: pmrg@earthlink.net

(individual membership)