Quality policy

Pharmore Research S.L.U., acknowledging the importance of providing services that guarantee satisfaction and quality to our clients, has decided to implement a Quality Control System based on the international standard UNE EN-ISO 9001:2015 y UNE ISO 20252:2019.

The Aim of Pharmore Research S.L.U.

Our main objective is providing a service that meets our clients' needs and expectations.

The Commitment of Pharmore Research S.L.U.

In compliance with the above, Pharmore Research S.L.U. has approved the following Quality Policy Statement:

  • Guaranteeing the ongoing improvement of all our services, our procedures and our Quality Control System, as well as the research process and its review.
  • Meeting all the applicable legal requirements and other quality standards.
  • Implementing the adequate policy supported by the organization’s strategic direction.
  • Providing a reference framework that allows setting objectives and goals, which will be quantified when possible.
  • Reviewing the Quality Policy to ensure its regular update and adaptation.
  • Having the Quality Policy at the stakeholders' disposal.
  • Acting in line with the responsibility undertaken. Pharmore Research S.L.U. Management shall provide the necessary resources to fulfill the Quality Policy.
  • Pharmore Research will make sure that all the parties involved in providing the market research service are familiar with the national and international ethical and professional codes, the requirements set by the relevant law and the documented methods and procedures that specifically affect their job.
  • Pharmore Research will make sure that all its employees know, understand and apply the Quality Policy.
  • Client focused Organisation (measurement of Client satisfaction).



In Barcelona, on the 5th of February 2024.


Signed: Georgette van den Bosch

(Acting on behalf of Pharmore Research S.L.U.)