Meet the team

Our multi-disciplinary team has extensive experience managing,  translating, fielding and moderating your projects. Find out about our front office staff.

" We deliver on our promises. We will get the work done whatever it takes and we will make sure if there’s a problem for whatever reason, we are there to back it up. "

Georgette van den Bosch

Co-founder and Managing Director

Georgette van den Bosch is the Co-Founder and Managing Director of Pharmore Research and has over 21 years’ experience in pharmaceutical market research. She has personally moderated and conducted over a thousand focus groups and in-depth interviews and is actively involved in on-going projects on a day-to-day basis.

Georgette is your primary contact for consultation on any project you might wish to carry out in Spain. Utilizing her strong knowledge of qualitative and quantitative research and her thorough understanding of the Spanish NHS, she directs and develops the team to achieve their objectives. She is a proactive individual with a logical approach to challenges and excellent problem-solving skills.

Previously, Georgette served as Project Director of the International Research Department at ERGO Advanced Research, now a Millward Brown Company. Georgette holds a degree in Economics and is fluent in Spanish, English and Dutch.

Maite San Miguel

Project Director

Maite San Miguel has been working as a Project Director & Moderator at Pharmore Research since 2003. She has handled a wide range of pharmaceutical market research studies across all methodologies both in qualitative and quantitative areas from start to end. Maite's role has evolved so that she now oversees the day-to-day operations of the research team, advises on management, methodology, scheduling and is also responsible for project costing. Maite's personality and professionalism ensure a productive and efficient client experience.

As a moderator, she is time-efficient, a quick thinker and her thorough understanding of the industry really helps in getting beyond superficial conversations and will provide those deeper insights that lead to much more credible results from the research you conduct with her.

Maite San Miguel has a degree in Journalism and a Master Degree in Literary Translation. She is fluent in English and has a good level in French.

Sergio Maya

Project Manager

Sergio Maya is a Project Coordinator & Moderator at Pharmore Research. He has been working in pharmaceutical market research since 2003 and consistently demonstrates a strong ability to manage projects from approval through to successful completion, always dedicated to maintaining high quality standards.

As a moderator, Sergio is tactful and precise but one of his best skills is his ability to connect with the respondent, making them feel at ease, in particular with patients.

Sergio Maya holds a degree in Statistics and he has a very good level of English. Prior to Pharmore Research, he worked as a project executive at ERGO Advanced Research, now a Millward Brown Company.

Maria Luisa Ramos

Project Manager

María Luisa has been working as a Project Coordinator & Moderator in pharmaceutical market research at Pharmore Research since 2005. Maria Luisa has good experience in managing and moderating interviews with high profile customers.

She enjoys to immerse herself fully in any project that she undertakes, she is insightful and truly understands the client's objectives and specific needs, due to this and along with her unique communication skills which allow her to connect with the respondents, she stands out among moderators and researchers.

Maria Luisa Ramos holds a degree in Journalism and she speaks fluently English and she also has some knowledge of French.

Anna Milà

Quality and Compliance Manager

Anna Milà has been working at Pharmore Research since 2015. At Pharmore, Anna held various job positions, from Recruiter, Viewing Facility Assistant to Project Manager and Moderator.

In 2018, she has been promoted to Quality and Compliance Manager and now plays a key role in Pharmore’s Management Team.

Anna is in charge of ensuring that our company adheres to legal standards regarding Data protection (LOPD & GDPR), UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015 & UNE ISO 20252:2012, AE reporting, Industry guidelines and in-house policies. She will be responsible for enforcing regulations as well as provide guidance on compliance matters to our staff.

Anna is an intelligent person and learns very quickly, she takes full ownership of projects, she is flexible, easy to work with, very proactive and committed to the success of the company. Due to her skills combined with the experience in different roles at Pharmore, she is capable to easily identify the different needs and put in place appropriate measures and procedures.

Anna Milà holds a degree in Public relations and Advertising. She is bi-lingual in Spanish and Catalan and fluent in English.